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About Elegant Furs

Well known in the Fur Fashion industry for over 40 years of experience with in Canada and Greece, ELEGANT FURS is a company strong in knowledge of product and style. We present to our clients the highest fashion of products, all our models are outfitted to suit all ages and can be altered to fit their requirements. The qualities of skins used are the best worldwide from the most qualified companies: AMERICAN LEGEND, BLACKGLAMA, BLACK NAFA, SAGA and KOPENHAGEN FUR.
The exceptional quality and the refined cuts emphasize a type of garment which reflects a tradition projected into the future. Wearing a garment with the ELEGANT FURS label gives you the reassurance of quality and craftsmanship guarantee. You are welcome to visit our fashion showroom at Area Petra Kastoria or contact us for more information..

Elegant Furs

Fur Labels

Luxurious fur coats are made using only the highest quality fabric. Our materials come exclusively from world famous suppliers. Mink, Sable, Fox, Lynx can be found in our collection. Brands of material we use are NAFA, Black NAFA, SAGA, Blackglama, American Legend, and Kopenhagen Fur.
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About Elegant Furs


Take a look in our full collection of fur garments, including mink coats, fox vests, sable jackets, swakara coats and more!


Elegant Furs
Area Petra, Kastoria
52100, Greece

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Monday - Friday
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